Hello! I’m Marley: The M in BAM.

I write the What’s Popping (Pop Culture) Report for our blog. I’m the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet. That means I like nail polish and unicorns as well as football and nature. I once was a quarterback for a football team, but I am also a signed model. I love writing, technology, fashion, sushi, pop culture, and many other things you’ll get to learn if you keep reading my posts. I’m very creative, geeky, quirky, kind, and intelligent. I am an all or nothing person. That also means that I do things to the fullest or not at all.

I describe myself as a mommy/daddy’s girl. I take road trips with my mom a lot; I sound like her, and sometimes I act like her. But I look like my dad and have some of his habits and tastes. We get anxious easily and whenever we are frustrated we both sigh really hard. He’s a great fisherman, and I love to fish too. He doesn’t like food that much, and like him, I mostly eat to live, not live to eat.

I love the performing arts, from creating shows to being in them. Two years ago, I became a signed actress.

I invite you to join our adventure to learn what are all about!  Let’s see what’s popping.



Hi, my name is Briana, and I am the B in BAM. I’m also known as the “Animal Lover” of the group.

My writings are called “Paw-some Adventures” which combine my favorite subject in school (science) and my favorite things (animals). These adventures explore the science of animals, the cool ways they camouflage, and the funny things they do, like dancing and making weird sounds. I have two pets of my own: an electus parrot named Jack, and a black and white guinea pig named Oreo. Jack loves to yell at people when they come over. He’s really loud at times when he tries to talk. Oreo is super fluffy, loves to be held, and drinks a whole lot of water.

A little bit about me is that I’m an easy-going kind of girl who has a pet sitting business called “I Heart Pets.” I’ve had eight clients so far: four cats and four dogs. I love the shows “My Little Pony” and Animal Planet’s “Too Cute.” One thing I look forward to every month is receiving my Zoology magazine in the mail. I read and learn a lot of new information on all types of different animals. The only animals that give me the heebie-jeebies are snakes. Dogs and puppies are by far my favorite, from as small as a Yorkie to as large as a Lab. When I grow up I would definitely like to be a veterinarian. I want to be able to help sick pets get better and stay healthy.



Hi, I’m Amina, the “A” of B.A.M. I write the “Funky Fashion” reports for our blog.

I am an aspiring super star, and one day I hope to become a famous actress, singer, songwriter, and dancer. I am a kind, funny, quirky, and giving kid. I enjoy hanging out with my friends. My favorite pastime is reading fictional stories, especially historical slave narratives like Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, sci-fi futuristic books like The Legend Series by Marie Lu, and just feel good books like Smile by Raina Telgemeier. I also love, love, love Minecraft and watching YouTube videos. I also love watching Brad Meltzer’s Lost History on The History Channel because I like learning about history that is never talked about. I wish my grandma could live with me so I could get Jamaican curry chicken everyday and my granddad too so I could get a lifetime supply of gum.

I am a lot like my Auntie Tricey – we love fashion and we love music. I have a passion for fashion, and I wish I could read more fashion magazines and that my mom could do as good a ponytail as Ms. Janice and that my auntie could dress me everyday. If I could, I would have an unlimited iTunes subscription so I could buy the 136 songs and counting on my wish list.
 I am thankful for Super Camp because it has helped me learn about myself, do amazing things, and meet amazing girls like me! I invite you to join our adventures – it’s sure to be fashionable! Let’s get funky.

Always Smiling,

BAM is a social network formed by Briana, Amina and Marley. BAM exists as a social support for adolescent girls who like to laugh, play and give back. Throughout the year the girls participate in lots of fun adventures together and with other SuperGirls. An important part of their time together is that they support girls who are younger than them. In addition, they design and implement social action programs that help community members.

BAM girls are members of our LEAVES program for girls.  GrassROOTS support BAM’s mentoring and social action work.

GrassROOTS Community Foundation is a public health and social action organization. We invest in our community members’ collective well-being so that they can use their healthy energy to transform themselves, their families and communities. We fund, support, develop and scale community health and wellness programs for women and girls, particularly those who are impoverished. We also advocate for policies and practices that reduce disparities and foster equity.