Are you looking for a way to lose weight, eat bacon and fat, plus lose weight and get healthier with an easy food plan? Getting the best Keto Cookbook is essential for your success. We here at We Love Bam are big fans of this type of lifestyle.
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The Keto diet is the current diet that most people are talking about doing or integrating in to their lifestyles. Even some celebs have been in the news for having lost significant weight while leading a keto lifestyle.
A Keto diet is a low carb diet where you should try not to eat more than 50 grams of carbs per day.
“After about two to seven days of following the keto diet, you go into something called ketosis, or the state your body enters when it doesn’t have enough carbs for your cells to use for energy.

That’s when you start making ketones, or organic compounds that your bod then uses in place of those missing carbs. At this point, your body also starts burning fat for more energy,” says Beth Warren, R.D., founder of Beth Warren Nutrition and author of Living A Real Life With Real Food.

How to start a Keto diet

With any diet, you have to be ready or prepared to start that diet and help yourself execute it. You are going to need to clean out your fridge and pantry of any of the processed garbage you have been eating. Also, you can allow yourself to ease in to the diet and change what you bit by bit and see how your body reacts, especially drinking a lot more water.

• How much weight can you lose?

Per week you will probably lose 1 to 2 pounds, safely. Some people may lose more and some may lose less, depending on their body, health, and how much they are moving or exercising during the week. Obviously a person who is very strict with their diet plan will consistently lose more.

Do you need to add in supplements?

It’s good to add in the minerals sodium, potassium and magnesium while on a keto plan.
You’ll lose water and sodium on this diet and low sodium symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, feeling like you’ll pass out and an issue doing regular things.

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Losing sodium will also cause you to lose potassium, low potassium symptoms can cause feelings of weakness, muscle cramps, constipation, skin problems and irritability. The body needs magnesium to calm and muscle spasms could be because of a lack of magnesium or the body feeling stressed.

What are some good Keto Cookbooks

There are so many cookbooks devoted to the Keto diet available, which one is perfect for you really depends on your tastes. There are Mediterranean, Southern, dessert keto, Chinese, Mexican, vegan and many other types, and that doesn’t include the crazy amount of recipes that you can find online.

Which is the Best Keto Cookbook? The best one is actually a complete overall Keto diet book called Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet, by author Leanne Vogel which has more than 125 delectable recipes and 5 meal plans. Leanne Vogel also has a completely full cookbook coming out in 2019 called, The Keto Diet Cookbook.

Is keto food any good?

First off, you get to eat bacon and butter (not by itself) and these two things make so many dishes better. You are also enjoying cheese and cheese is delicious! And you are limited on adding in seasonings, throw in all the fresh or dry herbs and non sugar added flavorings you want.

There is even a cookbook called, Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Celby Richoux. This cookbook shows how you can eat keto and lose weight while eating bacon and butter.

• Can I feed this to my whole family?

Keto meals can be fed to an entire family but it should be the choice of the family members if they want to eat keto. If your family doesn’t want to eat keto then you can always have a carb side available. Or, there is always the option of keto friendly breads or carbs that the family may not even notice what they are eating.

When it comes to feeding your family you want a meal that is either quick and easy or something that is hearty to keep them from wondering back for more. If you want quick and easy meals, try Ketogenic Diet: 60 Insanely Quick and Easy Recipes for Beginners by Jeremy Stone. If you are looking for hearty meals there is Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle by Natasha Newton, which will allow your family all the yummy flavors without all the carbs.

Are there Keto comfort foods?

Keto recipes have been made to fit almost any comfort food recipe you can think of. You want mac and cheese, they’ve got a recipe for you and the same can be said for tons of other comfort food recipes. With Keto you just have to think outside of the processed box.

A great Keto cookbook for comfort foods is Keto Comfort Foods: Family Favorite Recipes Made Low-Carb and Healthy, by Maria Emmerich. This cookbook has recipes for all your craving foods from cinnamon rolls and tiramisu cheesecake to chicken cordon bleu and fried chicken, this allows for cravings to be met without leaving ketosis.

•What does a good Keto cheat day look like?

Cheating on Keto can take a person out of ketosis. If a person is going to cheat, you can check your ketone levels by breath, urine or blood. Or you can adapt a keto plan that has cheat days incorporated where you would get to eat a higher amount of carbs on those days but nothing significantly high.

Now if you want to “cheat” or more so just feel like you are cheating on keto there are great dessert recipes and recipes that are keto friendly version of super yummy, fattening foods. There are tons of fat bomb recipes that will trick your taste buds and brain in to thinking you are eating something naughty, while getting a boost to your weight loss. Eating Keto doesn’t have to mean eating miserably. There aren’t any cookbooks that talk about cheating or “cheating” on keto, but there are tons of recipes online that are devoted to cheating without cheating.

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Can you drink alcohol on Keto and are there cookbooks for drinking on keto?

The answer is yes! Now which alcohols is a different story. Wine and beer have carbs, but wine is the better choice of the two because the amount of carbs is far less and a glass of wine here and there isn’t bad. Vodka, whiskey and other types of spirits don’t have carbs so you can have them, it just depends on what you are mixing your drink with.

‘Keto Happy Hour: 50+ Low-Carb Craft Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst’ by Kyndra Holley, is a perfect cookbook for those who don’t want to lose their happy hour times while still going through Keto. These are drinks that anyone can enjoy, especially if they want to be able to enjoy their drinks without a bunch of sugar in them.

The great thing is the science behind Keto is a lot harder to understand then the actual diet itself. Is there some wiggle room where you may want to not be so strict with your diet or that Keto isn’t for everyone, of course. No plan is perfect but if you figure out how to work with what you can when it comes to this plan and you discuss with your doctor if it will work for you, then you could do great. You don’t have to be a celebrity or spend tons of money to make this diet work for you, just know what you are willing to do and how you can make it work for you.