There are countless stories about Affiliate Marketing success in the web but I was often hesitant to believe them, I thought it was fiction, a hyperbole of some sort. Thankfully I found this website that can provide us with a one stop shop in terms of developing our affiliate marketing empire. This website actually talks about a product called Wealthy Affiliate. This Wealthy Affiliate negative review is actually a very transparent and well written piece that may help us narrow down the weapons we need to have at our arsenal.

The good thing about the author is that he/she does not only highlight the pros of the product but also cons of it. There are a lot of positive reviews about how to help us reach our desired goals by using a variety of tools to use.

 I was told that there were a lot of people who banked $1000 for their first day and continue to do so for a couple of years. What I honestly felt back then is that it was too good to be true.From here on, there are a lot of things to consider, a lot of do’s and dont’s.

Affiliate Marketing: The Truth

People have different perceptions, experiences and beliefs and sometimes reading their stories are not enough for us to get convinced. This is why in my own time, I started to study Affiliate Marketing from the ground up. I learned that you can honestly consider Affiliate Marketing as a business and there really is a decent cash flow from it (if you do things right). However, same as any business it can rise or fall depending on your strategies and dedication. It is not a “get rich quickly” type of job, it probably is more of a “get rich from home”. Why? this is due to the fact that you have the capability to handle this type of business remotely. Now before we talk about affiliate marketing, lets talk about how to handle a business. In this article from entrepreneur you can learn some of the basics of being your own boss:

If you want to start a business but don’t know where to start, don’t worry–you are not alone. In fact, given the new economic reality of our time, more people than ever before have found the “job” they thought was waiting for them doesn’t exist. Others have come to the conclusion that they would rather create work they love, constructed to fit with their own life goals. No matter what the motivation is to be your own boss, you can start today.

Here’s a good videos on what NOT to do when starting a business.

Affiliate Marketing – Can It Be Profitable

Since we have a good understanding on how to start a business, let’s transition to how Affiliate Marketing works. As said earlier, affiliate marketing demands time, strategy, dedication, and hard+creative work. If you simply just enter affiliate marketing for the heck of it, there’s a high probability that you will not realize profit from it. To explain things further, you may review this article from empireflippers:

Affiliate marketing is one of the foundational business models that almost everyone who has made money online has some experience with. It can be incredibly lucrative, but provides its own set of benefits and flaws, as every business model does.

At its basic level, affiliate marketing is simply where you sign up with a company or a network (a network is just a company that houses many offers from different businesses) to sell their products or services. You get paid typically every time someone either buys something or executes the desired action.

There are actually a lot of ways on where to start with affiliate marketing, personally I prefer having a website for its  medium. Others, on the other hand are comfortable with social media, vlogs, email marketing, and a lot of other options.

Here are some bullet points that summarize Affiliate Marketing business:

  • Consider it as your own business
  • Provide time, dedication, hard+creative work
  • Identify your medium
  • Choosing the right affiliate partner
  • Choosing the right product to promote
  • Creating great content
  • Expanding your network
  • Realizing profit

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